Wednesday, 6 May 2015


I don't know how about you, but I feel very tired in spring time. And I find it very frustrating, because there are many things I want to be doing and I cannot find the strength. So I thought I will try some snack that can boost my energy levels. Not sure if it actually works or its just a placebo effect, but these bars taste so nice they can be easily a treat. and guilt free as there is no sugar. 

You can also make these gluten free, just invest in gluten free oats. I have tried 3 different recipes for granola bars and this one is by far the best and i think very simple to make. If you make your own granola at home, you probably have all the ingredients needed already. It is also easy to swap few things, for example use different nuts and seeds. I also add a spoonful of Rice protein to give more energy. Pea protein is also good supplement. 

These are no bake bars and all you need to do is to press it into a tin and let it set in the fridge. Cut into bars, you will get about 12 from a square tin. Wrap them individually in tin foil or baking parchment and keep in the fridge. I take one to work everyday or when I exercise. This batch lasted about a week for two people. You can wrap them nicely in a baking parchment or use kitchen foil. 

Here is how to make them:

250 g rolled jumbo oats / or use gluten free oats 
40g unsweetened desiccated coconut 
40g pumpkin seeds 
40g flaked almonds
150g pitted dates
50g soft prunes
85g clear honey or use maple syrup 
100g almond butter/ I prefer hazelnut butter for more nutty flavour
1 tbsp coconut oil
1.5 tsp ground cinnamon 

Preheat the oven to 160c. Line a square 20x20cm cake tin with baking parchment, put aside.
Combine oats, coconut, pumpkin seeds and almond and spread out on a large baking tray. Bake it for 20 mins occasionally stirring to ensure its equally toasted. 
While the oats are roasting, blitz the dates and prunes in food processor until you have smooth paste. If you have a small processor you have to do it in batches.
Scrape the mixture into the saucepan big enough to hold your oats as well. Add the honey, coconut oil, cinnamon, nut butter and 3 table spoons of water. Add a pinch of salt and warm the mixture over a medium heat stirring often until everyone is well mixed. You don't want the paste to be too thick, nor too runny. Take it of the heat and add the toasted oat mixture. Combine all ingredients and tip everything I to the prepared tin. Smooth the surface with a back of the spoon pressing as you go along. Make sure it's even. Place into a fridge until firm, then slice into squares or bars. 
Wrap individiualy so it's easy to grab in a hurry. Enjoy 

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